what is My Master War(MAT)?

My Master War is a gaming ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with DeFi and NFT elements. It incorporates both play-to-earn and staking and prides itself on not requiring players to spend any money before they start playing. Set in both the Middle Ages and the future, the game revolves around the human desire to live forever, master the universe, and accumulate resources.

In the first set of games, taking place in the Middle Ages, players can choose their own scenario. The gameplay includes building armies, devising strategies, and fighting battles, as each player takes on a role as a king of a country. The second set of games transpires in the future and, presumably, will incorporate VR and AR technology, as My Master War hints that players will not need laptops or mobile devices to play.

Currently, My Master War is available as a browser game, but it is set to launch on Google Play and the App Store. The game’s evolution into a metaverse, together with UX and UI improvements, is planned for 2022.

What are the different types of cryptocurrency exchanges?

Binance、Coinbase Pro、OKEx、Kraken、Huobi Global、Bitfinex、MEXC

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